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Our Upvc can save you money - low maintenance no more painting Virtually install and forget for years to come

Our new driveways and patios come in many styles colours and Textures - with our free planning and design services  we can Transform blank or unused land into a praticle and valuable asset

All types of groundwork - Fencing turfing Walls and landscaping Repairs and maintenance garden design and planning

New Roofs and all repairs - from one slate to a complete new roof - Flat Roofs and we offer a 24 hour emergency

Call out service for all kinds of roofing problems ... we can help

Our reputation is built on recommendations and we have all our own equipment - that helps to keep costs low

providing you with very competitive quotations -no payments are required until completion to customers

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Repairs and New installations our  new Flat Roofs come in several different  Types - Call us for more details   • EPDM - This is a rubber based covering  • GLASS FIBRE - Sheeting  • TRADITIONAL Torch on felt • Garages • Extensions • Out Buildings • Lean tos` • Sheds  • Summer     Houses Acrypol Roof Coating We can transform old and tired roofs - these new high  Tech coatings are than answer to a variety of problems  And are guaranteed for 10 years and come in a  Variety of colours Roof Cleaning Using the latest high  Pressure cleaning  Equipment we can  Remove years of  Dirt grime and  Weather damage   On some roofs moss  Can build up causing  all kinds of damage  - We can remove clean  And seal - adding years Of life to existing  installations Repairs   Maintenance      Upvc     New Roofs We only use  quality  Materials  our Customers deserve it !!!!

Leaking roofs cause property damage and damp problems - damp travels throughout walls ceilings joists and roof members costing you MONEY damages wall paper plaster and ceilings - and as roof timbers rot and decay  this can be dangerous to you your home and the public - the cheapest way to solve problems - is straight away before matters get worse and more expensive ! we offer  a complete Maintenance and repair service to protect you and your  property including .........

• Lead work

• Felt  

• Re - pointing

• Lead Flashing services

• Bedding of tiles

• Chimney Removal and capping

• Chimney repairs and pots

• Ridge tiles

• Tile replacement

• Replacement  joists and rafters

• UPVC Fascia Soffits and Guttering

• Ventilation -

• Flat roofs - Garages - Extensions etc

• Torch on Roofing

• Rubber EPMC Roofing

• Weather Shield coatings

• Thomson water seal products

• Stone Tar and chip coatings

Over time your roof edges can be prone to gaps and show signs of ageing around the edges of tiled roofs. Dry verge products are the perfect finishing touch and offer a smarter way to tidy up edges and block any unsightly gaps while providing roof edge protection to you and your property Made from PVC-U, dry verge roof finishing systems uses a simple, clip fixing system and end caps for easy installation. And is Completely weather proof, it requires no maintenance

and is available in five attractive colours

to complement your roofline and roof tiles.

With expert help we can help you choose

 through the various options and colours

 to make the best of your home


Our Roll-Out Dry Ridge universal systems are a mechanically fitted system which securely fixes the ridge tiles onto a roof, protecting them from wind up-lift and rain penetration.

There is no need for mortar, making the job of fixing the ridge quick, easy and clean, as well as making it possible during frosts and other adverse weather conditions. No more pointing and cement problems etc  !!!!!

This edge goes  under the first  Row of roof tiles This edge directs Rainwater to your  Gutter   No more water on  Your roof line

This new product protects the base of your roof line and stops water going under the the first row of tiles

RESULT - A Dryer home and end to expensive damp problems - at the roof edge, its much cheaper and Secure to insert these Eves Protection panels that Will direct rain and storm water into the gutter than repair water damage

More than that…. in times of snow and ice… Eves protection means much less damage to Roofing timber reducing expensive painting and Maintenance  as with all upvc property products Simply install and forget!

You'll be surprised how

inexpensive it can be to

replace your old decaying

roofline with our maintenance

free uPVC fascia soffits,

bargeboards and guttering.

Just think of the money you'll

save on maintenance in the

long term! But it’s not all about money. Choosing

our roofline products they will also add value to your home, creating the ultimate kerb appeal for you.

As well as providing the best value for your money

and providing peace of mind

WE ONLY QUALITY MATERIALS FROM WELL KNOWN MANUFACTURERS FOR YEARS OF GOOD SERVICE PATIOS - We can transform your Garden Space Create a better garden And add life to your  Property …a well laid  patio can mean summer fun, barbeques and More, space for family Friends and sunny days And add value to your  Property NEW BUILD REPAIRS MAINTENANCE We can also provide a full Repair Service - Driveways Paving and Patio Repairs - Sealing Services If your property needs a fast - exterior clean - from top to bottom we  can help at very Competitive rates - Call the Professionals We clean all kinds of Exterior Surfaces LEGALS You are entitled to a 14 day cooling off  period for all work Subject to contract 24.1.18 30 Marchwood Close, London, SE5 7HD Company number 10608299 Call 0208 485 8973 Direct 07459 669 164 Call 0208 485 8973 Direct 07459 669 164